Monday, September 19, 2005

Fruit Stripe Socks

Yarn - Vesper Sock Yarn in Aquamelon, size 1 needles, 64 stitches

I finished my Vesper socks yesterday while watching stellar tv shows like "Best Week Ever" and the Emmy pre-show. They are so soft and comfy. I think they look like fruit stripe gum, don't they? If you want to buy the yarn, you can go to the Knitterly Things website and check out either Knitpixie or her own Etsy store.

Here's what Unki looks like when he wakes up.

The tip of his tongue usually sticks out when he sleeps or when he's relaxed. Too funny!


Purly Whites said...

Socks are adorable, but that is the best picture of Unki. So funny!

jacqueline said...

ohhhh how cute is unki! i love those socks...they came out brilliantly!

yumi said...

i like the socks. they do look like the fruit stripe gum. Unki looks mad.