Friday, July 15, 2005

Tivoli Tee and OSW

I haven't been able to post progress pics of these two projects because we only have one camera between us, and Rob usually needs it for work. For some reason, the urge to make a sweater possessed me on Tuesday. I think I was socked-out. So I decided to knit Grumperina's Tivoli Tee out of some Noro Lily from my stash.

Lately I've been knitting certain projects a bit small in case of stretching upon washing and wearing. Especially with projects that have silk, Noro Lily is 70% cotton 30% silk. Unfortunately, I think I may have knit this a little too small. It's blocking and taking its sweet time drying.

The patten is very simple and easy. The yarn has made my hands tired and I haven't really been able to knit today. But the tee is soft and here's hoping it fits!

You've all seen it - I jumped on the bandwagon! Here's a picture of a One Skein Wonder I made with my beloved merino in Geranio. I made it because my hands needed some wool, but I also needed instant gratification.

(I took the photo myself so it looks a little strange) It's a cute knit!

I've joined another knitalong - the Union Square Market Pullover.

I'm going to wait a couple of weeks to start this sweater because I want to make a straight forward sweater before I start this one, which is knitted in the round.

I leave you with a photo of the cats.

A watched Kitty Pi never dries, Unki!!


Atouria said...

Hey, welcome to the KAL! I'm there too, but I haven't started yet either. The OSW looks really cute on you! CAn't wait to see the tivoli. :)

Diana said...

hahaha, I love the photo of Unki waiting for his Kitty Pi to dry. Hilarious.

OSW looks cute! The red is beautiful.

amber said...

I have a couple skeins of merino that I bought before they stopped selling it... I'm not sure what to make with it now that I can;t get any more :) I kinda want to horde it :)

Your one skein wonder looks great. Hope your shirt fits. I have started making my sweaters smaller than I think they should be, as so many have become too big after a few washes.


Jenifer said...

Nice FOs!! Love the Tivoli Tee -- and in Noro Lily, that must be so nice! And your OSW is so cute ... good idea for the handpaintedyarn. Jenifer

MinaG said...

Cute OSW!

huay in LA said...

wHAT? maggie's in unki's pi! (good maggie.) unki... you're a DOG!
dokie ddookie doo.