Friday, July 08, 2005

And finally... knitting content!

I can't believe I posted 5 entries today... I was originally going to bunch all the topics into one but that would just be too confusing, right?

First off, Rob's sock #1 is done.

Rob has pronounced it comfy and the perfect size. Phew! I can't believe how much longer it takes to knit his sock than my sock. I really need to start his second sock.

Unfortunately, I started a new sock for me.

I know I should have finished Rob's second sock before starting any other sock. But the yarn was calling to me!!! The photo isn't too clear, but it's going to be an ankle sock. The yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in Vera. I edited another pattern to make this as I've found out I have narrow feet.

I also made another Bobbi Bear for Finn, our friends' Anna and Jim's son.

This bear is also made from Pakucho Organic Cotton in Vicuna, which is a little browner than the first bear I made. I also knit him a bit tighter so his head's much smaller than Henry (that's what Rob named his bear).

And I just had to take pictures of Maggie and Unki.

Unki can be found underfoot almost all day long.

Maggie can be found in her bed 90% of the time. Ahh, the life of a cat...


Purly Whites said...

Cute bear! And I love that Lorna's Laces knit up. I can see why you started it before finishing the other second sock.

MinaG said...

Maggie is one round puffy cat :)

yumi said...

Hmmmm. A couple of your sisters' birthdays are coming up... (hint hint) :)

robtk said...

that is one sexy man leg.

amber said...

I love the pink stripy socks and your Bobbi Bear. He's so cute. And after picking up a copy Weekend Knitting I was inspired to start the Teva Durham sweater... and I remembered seeing yours knit with 6ply merino... which I just happened to have in my stash. So thanks for the inspiration :)


Atouria said...

Great projects! I'm loving your bobbi bear. :)

sungye said...

love the effect of the vera socks..what size needles did you use? Cats ae lovely