Saturday, June 18, 2005

Truman and Buddy

I missed Flashback Friday by one day - I think it still counts!

Thanks for the supportive comments on Hike - after putting in the zipper, it didn't come out half bad. I'll post pictures soon. Also, Nora asked me down below if the 6-ply merino is next to the skin soft. I say yes, definitely, but I know there are people out there who have very sensitive skin. I'll block it next week with Eucalan and give you the final verdict next week.

Before we had Unki, we had Truman and Buddy. Truman and Buddy were both very sweet and great cats. Unfortunately, we didn't have anyone to take care of them when we took our Europe trip, and so they both went to live with my ex. Buddy passed away earlier this year so I decided to have a little photo montage of them.

Buddy was not the smartest cat in the world, but he was so cute and sweet! His favorite place in the world was Rob's armpit, and his favorite thing to do was to stare at the wall. Buddy was almost blind and had some nerve damage when we adopted him, so he was very timid at first and didn't leave the bathroom for 6 months. His back feet went faster than his front feet, so he was always running sideways.

Truman was half-Siamese like Unki is, and the similarities at times is unbelievable. They both chirp more than they meow, they both got into lots of trouble, and they have similar faces. However, I think Truman is a little smarter than Unki and Unki cleans himself better than Truman. Maggie was constantly cleaning Truman. Truman really, really loved Maggie and followed her around everywhere.

But Buddy and Truman alway got along very well too!

This was the last picture we have of the both of them. They drove with us to Albequerque to be with their new family. Truman is very drugged out.

We always said if we got a black and white cat we'd name it Bruman or Trudy. We kept looking for one but we found Unki instead. Lucky for us!


MinaG said...

I'll never forget the first time I saw Buddy, and those eyes... hypnotic color only second to Sammy's. I know Bud Bud is in cat heaven right now, he was a sweetie pie.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful kitties :)