Friday, June 03, 2005

Baby, you can drive my car!

Thanks for all the nice comments on the last two sweaters - they made me blush! I know it seems like I knit like a crazy woman but I happen to have lots of free time right now. Right now I'm working on a light summer cardigan in Rowan Calmer - I love this yarn!

I almost forgot about Flashback Friday! Horrors! Rob likes to take pictures of ourselves while we're driving. He sets the timer, places the camera on the dashboard, and, presto! an instant record of us driving.

I love this photo, not only because it was taken on a great trip to Joshua Tree, but it proves that I drive sometimes!

Huay (in the back seat) is a frequent passenger on our trips. Hi Paulie!

Rob, what do you have up your nose? In the backseat are Rob's old roommates. My guess is that we were going to buy cheap clothes with them - a thrift store on La Brea has a dollar sale every Sunday morning.

Lesson learned - don't take a photo while I turn a corner! Good catch!


MinaG said...

I was hoping you didn't forget Flashback Friday! Love the pics of you driving!!!

Jenifer said...

Praise was much deserved on those two sweaters! Great job -- love that weekend knitting sweater, and seeing it on you definitely makes me want one! The Phildar Onde is so cool, isn't it?! Nice jobs!

Sarita said...

Wow! Great idea. Dashboard photos! I love the last one!

Your sweaters are fantastic. I am super jealous that you are organized enough to find the time to knit sweaters and post really cool photos. What is your secret? :)

huay in LA said...

why do i have my tongue sticking out. i'm crazy. good thing you're driving.
where's the soundtrack???