Monday, May 30, 2005

you damn dirty ape

"Oh, my God. I'm back. I'm home. All the time it was...We finally really did it. You maniacs! You blew it up! God damn you! God damn you all to hell! "

Mari's birthday post inspired me to finish this idea I had 4 years ago, when I asked Mari to photograph me imitating Chuck Heston from the final scene of Planet of the Apes.




MinaG said...

I can't wait to show this to Steve... wait, I think I see a hint of a smile :)

shizzknits said...



huay in LA said...

this really just means that rob is crazy.
excellent piece of work, old chap, excellent...

MannyDib said...

thats freaking awesome!
i came accross this page when i googled "god damn you, god damn you all to hell" after hearing it as a sound sample in some techno song. the internet is a wild weird and very funny place.
you guys made my day/night, lol.