Monday, May 16, 2005

Gatsby and Thrill, sitting in a tree

Yippee! I've finished Gatsby and Thrill!

Pattern - Gatsby Sweater from IK Spring 2003
Yarn - 4 skeins of's Merino in Burgundy

I'm sort of happy with this project. I wanted a glorified sweatshirt in this yarn, and that's what I got. I think along the way I messed up my math because the neck doesn't fit very well. And I don't really like the striping effect of the yarn. I think the effect would have worked better if I made a sweater with no shaping. I was lazy and didn't switch skeins even two rows or whatever is recommended to avoid the striping. BUT, the yarn knits up so soft! It's decadent! Once I put on the sweater, I can't take it off!

So, how do I feel about this sweater?

But I'm not frogging it! I'm going to wear it around the house until it pills to pieces or Maggie takes it over for her own means.

(See? She waits... and plots...)

And... introducing Thrill!

Pattern: Thrill from Rowan's It's a Tape Thing
Tarn - 3 balls of Rowan Cotton Tape in Sullen (I think)

I am really happy with the way Thrill turned out. It wasn't too difficult but it was hard enough to make me pay attention to my knitting. And I think it will make a great beach top this summer.

My Phildar Onde sweater is making slow but steady progress. I'm going to try not to start another sweater until that one's finished... but I'm sure I'll change my mind pretty quickly.


Adele said...

Hi there,

I came across your blog yesterday and really like it!

I'm glad to see a finished Thrill. I have 3 balls of Cotton Tape and was considering this. It looks awesome. I think I have Sullen too. I don't have the ball bands anymore!

Gatsby looks very good too. The colour texture is really interesting.


Lynette said...

great job on both projects. i did the same thing with my cardigan. instead of switching yarns after x number of rows, i just worked with the striping. after it was complete, i really liked it.

laurie said...

THRILL is gorgeous!!!! And it looks way hard.

Actually, I like the striping in the red sweater a lot. I bet you could pair that with a big black scarf and tight jeans for wintertime and look glam as can be. Stripes like that always make me think of those hot retro-disco tops and they look great with black pants or jeans. I like it!

Maggie looks so intense! LOL

La said...

oooh! both those knits are just gorgeous!

Your kitty is adorable. Welcome to the Ca knitbloggers webring!

Diana said...

I love the face you're making about the Gatsby sweater. I've felt that way about sweaters! Although it looks like such a nice color in the photos.

Thrill is cuuuuute!

MinaG said...

love both sweaters... if ever you're not happy with any of your projects you have a willing wearer here :) hope you had a good last week of school!