Friday, May 20, 2005

Buildings, buildings, buildings

I realized that the first subject listed about our blog is ARCHITECTURE. Which we haven't written about at all. Or maybe just one entry. So this Flashback Friday is dedicated to architecture. Or how I see it. Which isn't how Rob sees it.

I'm so strong! I can't let the tower fall!
There were so many people trying to take this photo it was hilarious. But how can you go there and not take it??

This is the original Unki (a long story which we'll do a photo essay about someday) at Neuschwanstein. I promise, Rob did not Photoshop that photo! He was really there! We took the photo on this bridge overlooking the castle with hundreds of other people. My favorite quote on the bridge was one woman yelling to her family, "We're on vacation! Now have fun!"

What is this strange house? Why, it's where Elvis and Priscilla had their honeymoon in Palm Springs! We were just driving around and I knew I recognized it. Of course, that leads to the ultimate Elvis destination...

Graceland! Rob and I were driving cross country, moving from LA to DC. We had to stop here. I absolutely loved it.

For Rob, I will include one sort of real architecture photo.

This is the underground garage to the Milwaukee Art Museum designed by Santiago Calatrava. We went there when we were moving back to LA from DC and we were the first ones in the parking lot. We were both impressed with the attention to detail they put in a parking garage!

Well, that's my take on architecture. Maybe Rob will be motivated to post about stuff he likes.


Jenifer said...

Hey -- thanks for the encouraging comments about the yucky week I've had. Your Gatsby is gorgeous ... I love it in handpainted yarn -- I'd wear it all the time as well, that yarn is so soft. And great job on the tape thing! Makes me want to go make one as well. :)

Diana said...

haha, love your photo of the leaning tower. :) Unki is cute! I am interested in this photo essay.. said...

great photos!