Friday, April 01, 2005

Three bags and a baby

When I finished Salina, I said that my next couple of projects would be bags. Well, I've made three!

This bag was made of three balls of Rowan Cotton Tape in Shadow. It's just the Strawberry Stripe bag from Rowan 37 without the stripes. I wanted a shoulder bag I could throw around.

Look at the lining! There's a party going on inside my bag.

This is a simple felted tote bag I made with some Cascade 220 I had lying around. Fun and easy!

I decided to use Maggie (well, actually she was sitting on the bag both times) as the scale for the before and after felting photos.



I used the random stripe generator for the stripes. I can't believe what resources you can find on the web. I really love the generosity people have with sharing their ideas.

Finally, I made Unbiased from Knitty. I just washed the bag and it's outside drying, so please excuse the bag photos.

I'll have some action photos next time of the bags in use.

My friend Anna sent me some photos of her son Finn in a hat that I made him when he was born. It's the official Sunshine Brown hat in green.

Isn't he a cutie????

8 comments: said...

love your bags and that's such a cute hat. i have to try that bag from rowan 37.

MinaG said...

My goodness! When do you have the time between classes? And when is your store opening? Hee hee...

Jenifer said...

Wow! Love the bags -- I've been coveting Unbiased for some time ... do you find it gaps open or do you like the lower space in the middle there? Nice job on all of them! I love your photo essay of Joshua Tree Natl Park ... and the poppies, too! Great job on Rob's sweater -- I love how the handpaintedyarn turned out with the red zipper. Okay, enough mutual admiration society, but just thought I'd drop a comment! :)

Jenifer said...

Oh, PS thanks for the random stripe generator -- I just checked it out and will definitely use it in the future!

michaele said...

I like the idea of using a cat for scale!

Did you have any trouble felting your Cascade 220? I think my problem is a weak washer, but I have been having trouble getting it to felt at home. Any advice?

alison said...

Awesome bags! I love the idea of doing the Strawberry Stripe bag without the stripes. It's a super looking bag just plain. And especially good looking in that brown cotton tape.

Diana said...

Those bags look great! They all turned out really well, and now you have three new bags for spring! enjoy!

joy said...

I love the lining you used for the strawberry bag. It wakes you up and surprises you!