Sunday, April 10, 2005

Rebecca sweater and basketball

I finished another sweater this week - it's the Rebecca wrap sweater that many people are making and there's a knitalong for it too!

I played it safe and knit it in the same color as it was in the magazine. I messed up on the fronts (I did the pattern on the right front backwards) but I didn't care. I also didn't pick up and knit along the fronts and I didn't crochet the cast on edges. Bad knitter! I started to crochet the edges but I thought it looked better without it. But I love love love this sweater! Another quick and easy knit. I'm trying to convince my friend Huay to knit it.

A detail of the pattern. We tried to photograph the sweater outside but the pattern looked yucky in the sunlight.

I took many photos at Steve's party last weekend of the boys playing basketball. This was one of the few that I managed to get everyone in the shot.

I was a good wife and cheered Rob on every point. He was very good!

Next week is our one year anniversary (but Rob keeps calling it our honeymoon!). Hopefully I'll be done with all of my assignments so we can take a little day trip somewhere. Maybe Santa Barbara? Maybe Ventura? We'll see!


MinaG said...

Love love love the sweater and the color!

huay in LA said...

i want this sweater in aqua blue. yes. but i have to also finish my other two projects! argh...

laurie said...

That wrap is so pretty. It looks complicated. But so professionally done! Like something you'd buy at Bloomies. Well done!

I vote for Santa Barbara :) And Happy Anniversary!!