Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Rob's sweater - finished!

We couldn't drive all the way to see the poppies without taking photos of Rob's sweater!

Men's zipped raglan from Last Minute Knitted Gifts
Yarn - Worsted Weight Merino in Marron Oscuro
(Don't you like the way his zipper matches the poppies?)

I didn't knit it in the recommended yarn because the sweater would have been over $100! So I substituted the merino, which is super soft and warm. But it's not the same gauge, so I had to do some math. Which I didn't do for the collar... which is why it's too big. But the color turned out nice. And, most importantly, he says he likes it!

Here's a shot of it opened, which I like better.

I guess I could re-knit the top... but I probably won't. It's a quick, quick knit for anyone who wants to tackle a husband/boyfriend sweater. Rob's next sweater? Probably won't happen for a long, long time.


Sarita said...

Holy Moly! I love it! You are a great knitter. Tibo has been asking me to make him something - we have been searching for the right sweater (he is super sensitive about things around his neck) and we have determined that a cardigan is the direction to go. This might be the one ( I want to make everything you make apparently...)

It looks great! Nice work...

Lynette said...

excellent job on the sweater! i love the way the zipper blends with the poppies!

huay in LA said...

hey rob you look hot! teehee! :)
MARI, can't wait till March 30th when you can come by for some knitting. you're so cool!
ps. got some of that super chunky wool from Handpaintedyarn. it's stinky! but beautiful.

MinaG said...

Beautiful... Mari, are you going to open up shop?

alison said...

Great looking sweater! I really like it open. Terrific job with the zipper.