Thursday, March 03, 2005

Little House Obsessed!

I've been watching Little House on the Prairie two hours a day, almost everyday, for the past 3 months. When my sisters and I were little, we were only allowed to watch one hour of TV a week. Usually our program of choice was Little House. Can you imagine my joy when I found out that Hallmark Channel shows two episodes a day???

But, I had no idea how messed up this show really was. It's like a train wreck. I can't stop watching. It's such a bad show and the topics are so disturbing I can't believe my parents let us watch. The episodes I clearly remember watching as a child are Ma cutting her leg off, Laura gets kidnapped by the crazy woman who lost a daughter, Mary loses her baby in a fire, and the infamous Sylvia getting raped by the mime. A mime? Read this for a description of the episode. With screenshots! Watching them now I alternate between cringing and laughing my butt off. (It's the perfect knitting show - don't need to pay too much attention but still entertaining.)

I finally got to see an episode yesterday that I wasn't allowed to watch as a child. Home Again, or, as the Television Without Pity posters like to call it, "Albert Barfs Drugs". Yes, Albert does barf drugs in this episode. I had to cover my eyes while the scene was on.

I think I finally have closure with my Little House viewing experience.


mina said...

so are you saying you aren't going to watch it anymore?! and what happens at the end of the albert one, does he die, doesn't it say he becomes a doctor...

mina said...

p.s. don't end your viewing pleasure with the barfing episode!