Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Rob's sweater - ABZ (All But Zipper)

I've been SLAVING away at this sweater for the past two weeks - what an ordeal!

No, I jest. It was actually a very easy sweater. I had visions of working on it for about four months and finishing it in the middle of summer. Luckily it went by very quickly, thanks to big needles and 4x4 ribbing versus 2x2. However, Rob tried it on yesterday and it might be a wee bit snug. But, to my relief, on Veronica Mars last night, all the guys were wearing these snug little ribbed cardigans. Is that the fashion with high schoolers these days?????

I'm not sure when I'll get a zipper and actually finish it, so I thought I should post a photo now before it gets forgotten.


mina said...

I think it will look really good with a nice fit vs. loose. Love the look and color!

huay in LA said...

oh man,
i am still only maybe at 75 cm on my rebecca shawl. you are a crazy knitting witch!

Textile Tach said...

I like the color of the yarn - I am thinking a pink Elvis wig might just set it off!!

leanne n.singh said...

Dear Mari-Hi-not sure if we met! I' Leanne,sarita's Mom-been knitting for years-thrilled that knitting is back in style!! Enjoyed seeing all your creations-keep up the good work! Oh your Kitty is adornable!!Oh-please send me some yarn websites-thanks