Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day 4 - Vancouver to Tofino - Surfing in the rain?!?!?

We woke early, sad to leave Vancouver but excited to head to Vancouver Island. We were headed to Tofino, which we kept hearing from everyone was beautiful. So we were definitely looking forward to this leg of the trip!

The trip would entail a 90 minute ferry ride, as well as a 4 hour drive across the island.

It was cold on the ferry ride!

But very beautiful too!

We landed in Nanaimo and immediately found a place to get some tasty seafood chowder - topped with cheese, yum.

As usual, we took one of our customary camera-on-dashboard photos.

The photos don't do justice to the landscape - the fall colors were just beginning to show.

We stopped at a place called Cathedral Grove, which had some huge old growth trees and felt like we were back in the age of the dinosaurs.

More fungi!

I loved all of the moss hanging from the trees.

We checked into our B&B, the Harvey House, which was perfect for our stay.

We took a quick walk to the beach (in the rain) where we were SHOCKED to see about 15 people surfing! We didn't get any good photos because it was cold and RAINING!

As we walked the beach, we got really wet but still enjoyed ourselves.

Afterwards, we headed into the town of Tofino for a lovely dinner. It was too dark to take photos!

Our highlight? The surreal landscape of Cathedral Grove.

Day 5? It stops raining! Yay!


MinaG said...

So different from any place I've ever seen! Amazing! And that soup looks delicious!

Nell said...

It almost looks pre-historic. It's beautiful!

Tami W. said...

What a wonderful trip! Your pictures are amazing....