Saturday, April 19, 2008

Serging mania!

Thank you for all of the comments about our big boy Unki! Every time someone comes over they ask, "Has Unki gotten bigger?" We don't overfeed him... in fact, he doesn't eat that much. He's just big from love!

I finally managed to use my Christmas present for the first time... and all I can think is: "What took me so long?"

After fiddling with the thread for a little bit (the serger came pre-threaded) my new serger works like a charm! I used it to help finish a couple of new spring pieces.

This is a pattern from linnet that I bought when I was in Japan. It's a very simple tunic top that I think goes well with the fabric, which I bought from purl way before I started working there. It took about 2 yards of fabric, and was pretty straightforward. I serged the sleeves and the raw ends of the sleeve caps... maybe not the neatest looking project but Rob says it's his favorite of my home-sewn projects.

I also made this wrap skirt, after seeing my boss Jen's great version.

This is a Indygo Junction pattern called "It's a Wrap!". It takes three yards of fabric and is one size fits all. I made a couple of mods, including making the waistband thicker (I cut a 4 inch piece instead of 2.5 inches) and making a hole for the tie to come through. I really like it - it only took me a couple of hours from beginning to end.

Yesterday we took a day off (it was our 4 year anniversary) and had lunch at this restaurant called Clementine. They have a great promotion for National Grilled Cheese Month, where they have little menus that look like voter ballots and each week in April they have 5 different grilled cheese sandwiches.

We had the Philly cheesesteak and the Gruyere with Creamed Spinach and Bacon on country wheat bread - so so so tasty! I wish every month was Grilled Cheese month!


jennifer said...

oh my goodness - too many things to comment on!!

1 - congratulations on conquering the serger
2- that shirt is very cute
3 - when are we going to be skirt twins?
4 - yum


Stephanie said...

Love the shirt and the skirt! The fabrics really make each project. Also, happy 4 year anniversary!

caitlyn said...

Happy anniversary!
Your top and skirt look *awesome*! Yay for the new serger.

mina said...

Cute clothes! Tasty looking sandwich! And happy anniversary to you and Rob!

SJ said...

Wait, there's a Grilled Cheese Month?! (Figures that I find out about it right after the start of Passover.)

Love the top and the skirt -- so springy! And happy anniversary to you and Rob!

Nell said...

I love that top. Perfect for summer!

I want to have grilled cheese month! That's just brilliant. YUM!

yaiAnn said...

Oh you lucky girl! I forgot about that present!

Oiyi said...

Wow, love your new serger! Your projects look lovely.

Bear Knits said...

Love your new serger and your FOs! May I ask what model it is? I've been dreaming of getting my first serger.

nicole said...

Pretty, pretty clothes!

And I had no idea it was grilled cheese month. I LOVE grilled cheese sandwiches. Now I know what I'm going to have for lunch tomorrow...

MisatoEdyta said...

I love, love, love the tunic you made. Very nice.