Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy 2008!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and a great January 1st! We sure did! I got some awesome Christmas presents, including..

The entire Veronica Mars series plus season three of Arrested Development.


My whole family chipped in to get me a serger! Yes, it's still in the box, I have to get the courage to open it up and try it. Maybe this weekend?

Rob and I took this photo next to our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve - will it be next year's Christmas card?

Here is Unki enjoying his Christmas present, an alpine scratcher. You have to wait for the end to get the full effect - he's really enjoying the catnip. (and yes, that is "Christmas Story" on the TV!)


SJ said...

Oh yes, that's definitely next year's card!

yaiAnn said...

AWESOME PHOTO! hee hee.. I'll have to try something like that. And a SERGER! My, this comment is full of CAPS, but DUDE.. I'm SO JEALOUS!

monica said...

Happy New Year!! I hear that sergers are THE THING if you're a sewer so congrats! And you should definitely use that photo for this year's card.

MinaG said...

The photo is so weird, so avant garde, use it!... Also, the serger is saying, " and make your sister a shirt!"

goodkarma said...

Supernatural Christmas! Love the headless Rob.

Happy New Year! I'll bet you're going to lovelovelove your serger. You'll wonder how you ever sewed without one... :)