Sunday, November 04, 2007

Things that make me happy

I had kind of a blah last week of October, so I decided to start November out with a smile. Here's a couple of things that made me happy the past four days!

Classical Music
I used to listen to classical music all the time, especially really melancholy stuff back in college. There's nothing that beats being depressed more than being depressed while listening to tortured Russian music. However, lately it's been making me happy, very happy to listen to it. I owe all to one really crazy Japanese show...

Nodame Cantabile

My mom, sister and I watched this the past spring on our computers (I was introduced to a whole new world of hardsubs, softsubs and raw video). It's one of my favorite TV shows ever. Funny, sad, super silly, it's not for the faint of heart (lots of weird stuff happens that you just have to go along with) but if you're interested in being entertained in a different language with lots of classical music, this is the ticket! It takes place at a music university and is based upon a Japanese manga. It's even on Wikipedia! If anyone is interested, you can watch it on (here's the first episode) And I've been listening to lots of classical music while I'm...

Quilting my color wheel blanket

I've started quilting! I had to move to the dining room to have room for the huge quilt. I'm doing the center as per the pattern and I'll just do some straight lines around the edges.

What would I do without my assistant?

For me, it's important to be in the right frame of mind when I quilt. Classical music helps, as well as having small goals. My goal on Friday was to have half of the center portion quilted. Four loads of laundry later, I was finished with the entire center section.

I drew the lines on with pen versus using the hera marker because I just couldn't get neat creases (I think it's because I have carpet). But I really didn't follow them all the time. I was a little disappointed because I got some puckering towards the end, but then I looked at the back.

Doesn't it look cool? I'm sure I'll be finished in a couple of weeks, I can't work on it anymore this week because of...

Unexpected trips
I'm leaving for a four day trip to Boca Raton tomorrow to help my mom with a work-related function. I'll write more when I return!


peaknits said...

The color wheel quilt is fabulous - love the quilting, as well as that last picture of it. Love your assistant - that's where my cats always are - where I need to be - like one is behind this monitor as I type. Here's to loyal companions!

SJ said...

For what it's worth (being that I'm a non-quilter), I think the quilting looks fantastic! Very impressive.

Have a great trip!

jennifer said...

wow - busy friday! have fun in boca raton - say hi to mr. and mrs. seinfeld!


Stephanie said...

It looks so cool! Thanks for showing a picture of the machine quilting process. I have always wondered how one gets all the fabric in the machine.

Kitty Kitty said...

OH.... I love Nodame Cantabile as well. I can not wait for the second season. I want to see what happens in Europe. Also if you like anime, there is also an anime for the series that may even be better than the Drama. There is also a Playstation2 game and a DS game in Japan that are so much fun you get to be a conductor. I think it may be the first 2 games I am better than my husband at.

Meg McElwee said...

The quilt looks very spiffy. My "assistants" commend your assistant for his obvious dedication to you and your work. ;)

rob said...

have a great time on your trip! your quit is beautiful, as are you.

see you soon.



MinaG said...

Long live Nodame!
And can't wait to see the finished quilt!