Friday, October 12, 2007

A week of babies

I've been inundated with babies lately... I visited my friend Sarita in the hospital last week and took some photos of her beautiful baby son.

We also visited our friends Ryan and Megan and got to see their bouncing baby boy relaxing in his vibrating chair!

Luckily, everyone is healthy and doing well - yay! Although I've been knitting... nothing is done except creating a big pile of mess.

Yipes! How embarrassing!

One of the benefits of working at purl is the opportunity to get a hold of some nice things early on.

This is the color wheel quilt bundle from Joelle's book. I've already washing and pressed the fabric. I think I'm making a few substitutions of fabric, mainly from old projects. I'm also going to add length and width to the quilt to make it a queen size quilt. Crossing fingers!

As usual, I close with some photos of my babies.

Maggie decided to pose for all of you in the light colored pi, which was followed immediately with a knock-down, drag-out fight which resulted in...

Unki figuring out that he actually fits in this pi. Really, he's not as smart as he looks.


Oiyi said...

The kitty pi bed looks so soft and comfy.

yaiAnn said...

Ooooh, the colorwheel quilt! I want one!

Stuntmother said...

Oh yes, so much prettiness. I love that fabric. Can I work at Purl too? Ah ha. Just joking. The commute would kill me.

mina said...

The babies are so cute!
Can't wait to see how the colorwheel quilt turns out, it looks so complex!

Heather said...

I cannot wait to see how the colorwheel quilt turns out. I really love it in the book, but I'm assuming I'm more like you and am concerned about the practicality of it. I really don't need a 52 inch square quilt. I'll be waiting to see how yours goes, feel free to jot down any good tips! :)