Sunday, August 19, 2007

Baby gifts galore

I've been remiss at updating the blog, mainly because I need Rob's assistance in taking photos of myself in dresses. It's always sort of an endeavour, because I keep saying, "Let me see the photos!", which is really unfair to Rob. Anyways, my excuse for not showing the baby shower gifts for Sarita was that I used some of the material to make a present for our friends Ryan and Megan, who we threw a baby shower for yesterday.

Sarita has been one of my closest friends for about 10 years, so I went the extra mile to make her an extra special set of gifts.

All of the gifts were put in this bag that made from some Echino fabric from that I've had in my stash. The pattern is from Lotta Jansdotter's new Japanese book, "Handmade Project", ISBN 9784-579-11148-0. (One of the many books I bought in Japan!)

The pattern is called "Really Big Tote".

And who's sticking out of the bag?

Another big footed bunny from Hillary's fantastic pattern.

All of the following items were inspired by this quilt, which was inspired by the cover of Yoshiko Jinzenji's book, Simple Quilt.

I had so much fun making this quilt! I made a coin quilt for our friends Ryan and Megan with the same fabric. Both were so much easier than making the Unki Paw Quilt. All of the fabrics came from, I looked only for a bunch of green/black/white fabrics, went to the warehouse, and chose the ones I liked. Since Sarita and her husband are architects, I wanted to keep the quilt simple but still a bit whimsical.

To give Sarita more gifts to match the quilt, I made three burp cloths,

three bibs,

and a hoodie towel (bound with one of the fabrics from the quilt).

The pattern for the bibs and hoodie towel came from a Japanese craft book I've blogged about before, which I love love love. It's not the most visually stylish book, but it has so many patterns that I feel like I never need any other baby patterns.

Finally, I bought a rattle from an etsy seller, Stump Pond Toys.

His work is amazing and I love the quality of his wooden toys. I highly recommend him.

Let's see, I should have enough photos of completed projects to post for the next four days - can I do it?


Stephanie said...

Sarita has a great friend! Everything you made is fantastic. I love the fabrics and designs you chose (as usual).

SJ said...

What a great friend you are to make such beautiful baby things! I am sure Sarita and her husband will love it all. Your quilting skills are really amazing -- I would have thought all that stuff was store-bought!

Alex said...

The green and white colour combination with that splash of yellow is so fresh - really love it.

grumperina said...

What a great baby ensemble!

shannon said...

What a lucky friend! Everything is so adorable, the quilt is beautiful, I love the colors and all the matching burp cloths, bibs, hooded towel. What a wonderful gift.

yumi said...

Everything turned out so cute!

wakana said...

They are all beautiful! Your friend is lucky!! I love the beautiful combination of colors. Also, thanks for recommending Stump Pond Toys. I absolutely love it, and placed an order right away!

mina said...

Wow, you went all out! The gifts are fantastic, all too pretty to use! Can't wait to see your next projects!

Belinda said...

It's just a great book, isn't it. I especially like all the fabric printing ideas and the really big tote is definitely on my to-do list! Beautiful baby gifts.

yaiAnn said...

Soo cute! Love it that you made a whole matching collection!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I love how the burp cloths are all just a little different from each other. . .variations on a beautiful theme.