Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Clothing catch-up

I made two items of clothing that I've been meaning to share but I kept forgetting to ask Rob to take photos. So today I set up the tripod and took a gazillion photos before getting some that I thought were acceptable.

Pattern - Amy Butler Barcelona Skirt
Fabric - unknown cotton from stash

I know my skirt is pretty wrinkly, but I think of this as more of a casual skirt than a fancy skirt. The pattern called for a lining, but I decided against it, and finished the top of the skirt with some bias tape. Since I made this about two months ago, any details of the construction escape me, but I do remember that the skirt pattern runs much more to real sizing than skirt patterns normally do. The directions are really clear and easy to follow.

The pattern on the fabric remind me of Japanese mon, or family crests.

I finally took a photo of my bloated shirt. It's from this book I bought in Japan

Adult Couture - One Pieces, Smocks, and Blouses, ISBN 978-4-579-11149-7

This is a beautifully photographed book full of dresses and blouses. I wanted to make the cover blouse right away.

So I did!

I've modified this top lots - back darts, taking in the sides, elastic in the waist - all in the attempt to remove the illusion that I'm pregnant. I think it's still an iffy shirt, I wouldn't be surprised if someone asked me when I was due when I wear this shirt.

I love the fabric, I bought it from Superbuzzy a while ago.

I've been hanging up some art around the house recently. The prints in the background of the above photos are from Sugarloop, she has some wonderful gocco prints in her etsy shop.

Rob and I found this postcard at a little store in Kamakura during our trip.

We couldn't belive how much it looked like Unki, stubby tail, white gloves and socks. The caption says, "Ummmm... what was I doing?" Which describes Unki's distracted personality perfectly. It makes me smile every time I see it.


The_Add_Knitter said...

Wow, both garments are beauts. Love the material, Amy Butler is pure genius.I don't think the smock makes you looks preggo at all...just boho!;)

yumi said...

The skirts a nice pattern and so is the top. What a great postcard of the cat/Unki.

MinaG said...

Your blouse and skirt came out great... I love the fabrics! Fantastic!
Little Unki, the artist must know him personally. :)

Heather said...

love the garments, nice work & enjoy them. The cat postcard is wonderful, a great find.

Stephanie said...

Ditto what everyone else said. Both garments look great.

blossom said...

both of them look lovely!

i found that the japanese patterns were really beautiful but it really had a lot to do with their styling and fabrics. i'm not sure if they're the best fitting patterns. still i love to look at them for ideas.

SJ said...

Love the mods you made to the shirt -- you don't look bloated at all! One would hope a complete stranger wouldn't make any big assumptions, but I guess you never know.

Erin said...

Both are really cute--I particularly love the shirt. I wish I knew how to read Japanese patterns--they have some of the best craft books.

Vanda said...

Oh oh, was it a small shop just of cat things on the way to the Daibutsu? I spent so much money there last month!

Proof: http://www.flickr.com/photos/andorinha/492913286/

Kirsten said...

I love the shirt! And I love that style in general - I will tell you that I wore a similar style shirt out shopping one day and a sales clerk did ask me when the happy day was. And I'm not pregnant - and I don't look even remotely pregnant. It was a tad awkward, but you know what? Those shirts are too damn comfortable and cute to care! And for the record, your shirt fits you beautifully and in no way suggests pregnancy so wear it with pride! I wish I could learn how to make my own!

parikha said...

ooh, both the skirt and shirt turned out great! and as for any illusions of pregnancy, it doesn't make you look like you've got any buns in the oven from where i'm sitting. those shirts just have a tendency to give the wearers (myself included) belly paranoia.

yaiAnn said...

Love them both! I see no pregnancy signs, unless you're hiding something from us ;)