Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Reasons you know it's going to be a good week

1. Starting out the weekend with a read on the beach

2. Spending time with kids playing with lights

3. Creating a collage of our Japan trip tickets/business cards/chopstick holders

4. Going to get take out at our favorite Indian place and having all three of my favorite dishes

5. Waking up to this face licking my hair

(hey, it's better than Rob licking my hair, right?)

6. Finishing a project that made me look pregnant and now only makes me look bloated

(even if I can't take a picture of myself!)


yumi said...

I like the project you finished. It's a nice pattern. And that Indian food looks delicious!!! Also, can't wait to see the collage of the Japan trip!

SJ said...

Great looking collage!

As for the top, anything you want to tell us? ;-)

Fran said...

De-lurker here, popping up to say what a great collage! Did you get it framed, or is that like a bulletin board you've arranged your things on?

Love all your Japan photos, and your cat(s)!

lupinbunny said...

The collage is such a good idea! I always glue those things into my travel journal and it ends up about three inches thick!
And I know what you mean about the pregnant/ bloated/ empire tops. I think I'm going to stop making them.

yumi said...

What pattern is that top you made?

MinaG said...

The curry looks tasty, and I want to see a close-up of the fabric! Cute top!