Monday, June 25, 2007

BBQ and Babies

It's nice to have a busy weekend once in a while. We had a great time Saturday night seeing these guys.

On Sunday, we threw a BBQ in honor of the beginning of summer, and showed a slideshow of our Japan trip to our friends who were unable to master technology and look at our blog. My pregnant friends Sarita and Anna were able to compare belly sizes.

Anna and her husband Jim live in Toronto so it was a surprise that they were in town for our BBQ. I decided to make a quick gift for the baby-to-be, so I thought these animals would be a nice gift.

Unfortnately, mine fall into the "Cute or Scary?" category.

Clearly, I have problems sewing eyes on animals - each animal's left eye is higher than the first. Ugh. Well, I will just have to persevere and try to make my embroidery nicer. I'll let you know if Anna thinks they are scary or cute when I give them to her tomorrow.

Onto sharing a couple more Japan books - these two are crochet (gasp!) books. Crocheting is all the rage in Japan right now, and I thought these two books were cute. In fact, cute is in both of their titles.

Front book - "Small cute items knit with organic cotton", ISBN 978-4-277-17207-3
Back Book - "Cute crocheted items to look at", ISBN 978-4-539-04354-0

The first book has pretty things to crochet.

The second book is definitely more in the "cute" category - coasters with faces, big peanut animals and little eggs.

Hmmm... now to learn to crochet!


yumi said...

Wow, how was the concert??!! and I think those stuffed animals are cute. They have character.

earthchick said...

My vote is cute, not scary.

But I am so with you on the eye thing. The eyes I embroider on my softies are consistently botched.

I think your little guys are adorable, especially the bunny.

SJ said...

Definitely cute, although I think if you made, say, hundreds of them, they might start to look a tad bit scary.

Soooo jealous that you got Police tickets!

MinaG said...

I think your little animal friends turned out cute!
How was the concert?! I was listening to one radio station last week who was giving away tickets to a cover band of the Police, poor fellas, hee hee...

winnie said...

how'd you enjoy the concert? i was bbq-ing at a friend of mine who lives right next to the stadium that day too. Funny thing was that we were too lazy to walk around to find the main entrance to the parking lot so we actually crawled through a hole underneath the wire fence and cut across that way. Foo fighters were awesome too. If I have one complaint about the concert, it'd have to be the drunk guy who sang off-tune the entire time right infront of me. That, and maybe his rhythm-challenged dances.