Monday, May 21, 2007

Day 6 - How much food is too much food?

Part of the ryokan experience is getting dinner served to you in your room after you’ve had a good soak. I was already water drunk by the time we were waiting for dinner.

So Huay and I spun around the rooms.

The meal that came afterwards was so beautifully prepared and amazing, we thought it deserved its own entry. You can see by the following photos what care and detail went into each dish.

The opening platter.

Tofu skin with abalone.

A Japanese vegetable with daikon-wrapped salmon.

Freshwater sushi, pork, baby daikon, and shrimp and lima bean sushi.

Tuna, whitefish, and scallop sashimi.

Soup with crab kamaboko and river vegetables.

Ummm… can’t remember what this dish was but it was delicious!

Something that wasn’t on the menu but was crazy delicious – a crab and potato gratin.

What’s in the package?

Fish cooked in parchment paper.

Steamed items – fish, daikon and Chinese peas.

Tempura – so yummy!

Miso soup.

Dessert – the most succulent mango and watermelon.

After one more dip in the bath, I feel asleep quickly.

An incredible experience! We enjoyed it thoroughly.

Next – a travel day but still fun!


yumi said...

All that food looked so good!!! Mari, you & Huay are so funny!!!

iSeL said...

That is absolutely out-of-this-world fabulous!!!

blossom said...

YUM!!! everything looks so good! love the ryokan!

MinaG said...

Ok, as I read this and drool over your food photos, I have a crockpot of bbq beef cooking in the kitchen, which is now smelling really strong and primitive compared to how your delicacies look. Somehow, I'll chew and nourish myself while wistfully thinking how great a meal like yours would taste.... hee hee...

yaiAnn said...

WOW! I was full after the 3rd picture! No dessert? ;)