Saturday, April 28, 2007

Coachella 2007 Day 1

We interrupt the regularly scheduled programming of sewing, eating, and cat photos to bring you some Coachella posts. Regular programming will resume on Tuesday or Wednesday. :)

Last year we went to one day of the Coachella Music Festival and it almost did us in. This year, we decided to go to all THREE days of the heat and craziness that is Coachella. This is the third time we've been, so finally we've learned our lessons and had a great time on Friday.

The key to Coachella is finding the right shoes, hydrating like crazy, wearing big hats, and resting in the shade as much as possible. Oh, and staying at a hotel with a big pool and internet access. The weather forecast for the whole weekend was predicted to be in the upper 90s - yipes! In between resting, we saw some great performances.

Our first picture upon arrival. Big hats - check!

First band of the day was Silversun Pickups. We only watched the first song because I was anxious to head over and see Amy Winehouse.

Gillian Welch was up before Amy - she was fantastic and was wearing a great outfit.

I was so curious to see Amy Winehouse. She has a reputation for canceling performances or vomiting on stage. Would she be together or a drunken mess? Would she even appear on time?

I'm happy to say that not only did she show up on time, she was fabulous and seemed genuinely pleased to be there.

She also has the best backup singers in the world! They are so smooth.

We didn't see the whole set because we were both looking forward to Arctic Monkeys, for us, the performance of the day.

They are so good live and tried their hardest to bring some energy to the hot and tired crowd.

I was the only one in our immediate area who was bopping to the music. My knees hurt afterwards but it was work it.

Smiling through the sweat.

We went over to see Rufus Wainwright, I rested while Rob caught him stripping off his caftan to reveal this outfit.

Although we both love Rufus, we've seen him a few times before and I wanted to see what Julieta Venegas was like. We walked into the tent to see this.

This was the surprise of the night. There was so much love between Julieta and the audience we couldn't help but be swept up with the joy. I know a couple of her older songs, but I am definitely going to get some of her newer albums and memorize the lyrics so I can sing along with everyone else the next time we see her. I want to be Julieta Venegas and play the accordion with abandon!

The final band we saw was Interpol.

Rob really likes Interpol's music, I enjoy them by association. Rob has been wanting to see them live for a while, so he was happy that they were at Coachella.

We have to admit, we weren't that impressed by them. But that's the beauty of festivals - the chance to see bands that you haven't seen before and finding new favorites along the way. Stay tuned for Day 2!


yaiAnn said...

Amy Winehouse! You always get to see the cool folks perform. Have lots of fun!

goodkarma said...

Coachella sounds like so much fun. Enjoy it and keep sharing the high/lowlights with us! :)

yumi said...

Stay cool, hydrated, have fun & enjoy!!!