Saturday, February 10, 2007

It's never too late for resolutions

I've been thinking a lot about blogging and crafting lately. I realized that part of the reason I stopped blogging recently was the pressure to produce items to show on the blog. Sometimes, the blog keeps me motivated to finish certain items, especially when I'm involved in a knitalong. However, I crossed the line between blogging for myself and blogging for the internet, and that's when it became less fun. When I read Kerstin's post entitled "Blog Happy"(which I found through Agnes' blog), it resonated with me. I'll still post about books I buy, projects I do, and the miscellaneous things that come up in our lives, but I'll do if for the both of us, as a record of our lives that we can look back at and enjoy.

OK! Enough rambling. I've never been good at making and keeping resolutions. So I bought a letterpress dayplanner in December from that may or may not help me.

I recently talked about my love for all things letterpress, and this calendar is no different. I bought a few of them to give as Christmas gifts, and I been using it, not as a dayplanner, but as a record of things we've been doing this year.

The first page has an inspiring message as well as a place to write things "I would like/fully intend to..." (I kept them simple so I could actually accomplish some of them!)

The calender flips to each month of the year.

One of the things I listed is that I fully intend to "keep house clean". Now, I've decided to post photos of the two places that are the messiest in the apartment. Part of me feels that if I put the out there in blogworld, I'll actually feel compelled to clean them up.

This is my yarn/fabric/crap closet. Yep, it's disorganized and crazy. I think I'll be a more productive crafter if I actually figure out what's in it.

Our "I don't know where it goes so we'll put it here" bookcases. I think it speaks for itself.

I'm not giving myself a deadline, but let's see how long it takes me to clean these places.

On an entirely new note, I have bought a few Japanese craft books the past couple of weeks. I haven't made very many items from my other craft books, but I find them great as inspiration and eye candy. I'll post about them one at a time.

"Chiisana Tezukuri Felt Nokomono (or is it No Komono?)" or "Small Felt Creations"
ISBN 4-8347-2509-X

This book has so many great felt items to make along with great design ideas as well. I will I could post all of the photos, but I'll just do some of my favorites.

These basgs have neat construction.

I love the little dog and cat!

If I were to ever make a tea cozy, it would be simple like this one.

I LOVE these coasters! I think they are just beautiful.

Cute pincushions! Will Unki and Maggie get jealous if I make the dog one?


MinaG said...

I like your resolutions, how's the jogging going? If it ever gets tough thinking about stepping out the door, once you're out there you won't regret it!

Agnes said...

No one can beat the Japanese for cuteness in daily little things!
Yeah, this is your home, do whatever you like ... why shouldn't you? :)

yumi said...

When the yarn/fabric/crap closet and the "I don't know hwere it goes so we'll put it here" bookcase is clean put a before and after picture because I'm wondering how it'll look with all the interesting things that you create.

amber said...
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amber said...

I always love to see your finished projects... but understand the loss of fun in blogging. I go in spurts too.

It's funny. I'm inspired to learn to sew from looking your last few posts. (this is why I love blogs... I really had no interest in sewing until I started seeing some amazing finished items) The dolls and shirts are so great :) Have fun with your blog and post what you want to post. It should be for your entertainment/enjoyment. Thanks for sharing your great crafty projects!