Saturday, September 30, 2006

Solvang - Denmark in California - Late Entry 03

Continuing our late posts... In late September Mari and I took a day trip about two hours north to the town of Solvang, California.

Solvang was founded by Danish settlers who came to California for the farming, and the town has kept it's Danish ways ever since (even if it is mostly for the tourists, I still dig it).

We spent most of our time walking around town, site-seeing, and eating. I think of all the treats, I enjoyed the Aebleskivers the most.

Which have nothing to do with apples, they are little pancake balls served with raspberry jam and powdered sugar, yum they were good.

Anyone looking for a day trip to get away from LA, this is the place to go, even with the tourists, it was peaceful and really felt like we left the country, or at least California for the day.


Joelene said...

haha, you were right near my stomping grounds!

Did you visit the yarn store, Village spinning and weaving?

Gotta love the food!

Elisabeth said...

hi :)
just a comment for the aebleskiver... they originally did have something to do with apples: one put a slice of apple in the pancake dough when baking them, so they had a little apple"surprice" in them :) that's where the name aeble(apple)skive(slice) comes from. Though it is many years ago since there were last any apples near them ;)

Elisabeth - must go and make æbleskiver soon!

MinaG said...

Yum, and what a fun little getaway.

yumi said...

It looks yummy and it makes want to go to Solvang.

SJ said...

Pancake balls? Sounds so wrong, but looks so good.