Monday, May 15, 2006

By the skin of my teeth!

I have been woefully negligent for the current project in the sew-along. I was finally able to sit down a throw together a tote bag from fabric from my stash. It's a good thing too, because today's the last day for this project!

I just made a simple tote bag. The main reason I haven't been able to sew is because my craft table was really messy.

And who wants to clean up a table to sew when knitting just requires a comfy place to sit?

My original plan was to make the Amy Butler Covington Bag. But I didn't because I can't find the pattern. Gleeps!

The fabric is kimono fabric that I bought a while ago. I think it's linen or cotton.

I liked the fabric too much to make it a lining for a bag. So I made the lining canvas to give it some stability.

Hello little pocket!

I'm just glad I did something for the sewalong. I hope that I'm able to do justice to the next project (and everyone will just have to wait for the official announcement to see what it is!).


Angela said...

What a great choice to use that as the exterior instead of the lining! That fabric is too cute to hide.

caitlyn said...

Very nice tote, Mari!

Stephanie said...

Very cute. I finished just under the wire too and I still need to go over to sew i knit and post about it.

yumi said...

the bag is very cute! it turned out very nice.

erin said...

Nice chic tote - love the fabric. And I must agree with you - sewing takes up so much space.

Nikki said...

You're right, the fabric you used is far to nice to end up as lining. So simple but so nice. Good job!

sarah said...

I just did a double take on your Deep V pictures. The one in your post below makes the colors purple & gray and up here it looks like blue on blue! Digital Cams can be so crazy.