Wednesday, December 21, 2005

And now... some knitting!

I have been knitting the past month. Mainly on this pullover, which came out so small I wasn't even going to post a picture of it. But here it is...

I didn't even have a photo shoot with Rob, I just set the timer. My gauge turned out to be all over the place. I never measure gauge while I knit... which is something I should start doing. I might felt it at some time and see if it'll become a baby sweater or something.

But I remain undaunted! Here are two new sweaters that I hope to finish by the new year.

This is a ribbed sweater out of Noro Transitions, which I've had in the stash a while. It's a fun, fun yarn to knit with. I don't make a huge effort to match the stripes, but while I wind the yarn, I keep notes on the color transitions. That way, if there are two balls that are close, I use them for the front/back or the sleeves. I lucked out with these two balls.

The only problem is that I'm knitting the sweater on size 10 needles, which hurt my hands. So I have another sweater going on as well.

This is Jaeger's Luxury Tweed in fern. I'm kind of making it up as I go along, but I think I'll take the sleeve caps from a pattern that has the same gauge... I really don't want to make the calculations. I just want it to be a simple, boatneck sweater with 3/4 sleeves, I think.

The tweediness up close.

Unki is not content unless I photograph him too.

It feels good to get some knitting in again. Happy Winter Solstice!


goodkarma said...

Your pullover doesn't look too small from here. Do you think blocking it more would make you feel more comfortable, though? I think it looks fantastic!

The rest of your projects are lovely. I'm especially drawn to the Luxury Tweed, yum yum. Enjoy your time off and knit to your heart's content! :)

Purly Whites said...

You always make the nicest sweaters. The two you have going look fab. And if it's too small, well, what can you do? It's still pretty.

Angela said...

Good luck with the sweaters. I know they'll turn out nice and I don't think the red one looks that small at all.

Monica said...

I don't think it looks too small, looks very fitted. :)

yumi said...

I like the colors

grumperina said...

You're obviously in a much better position to judge the fit... but that sweater looks gorgeous!!! It's a great concept and color, even if the fit isn't perfect.

MinaG said...

I like the pullover!