Wednesday, November 16, 2005

They say it's your birthday... It's my birthday too!

Your Birthdate: November 16

You're incredibly introverted and introspective. You live inside your head.
You spend a lot of alone time meditating and thinking.
People see you as withdrawn, and at times they are right.
You are caring and deep, but it may be difficult for you to show this side of yourself.

Your strength: Your original approach to thinking

Your weakness: You tend to shy away from others

Your power color: Pale blue

Your power symbol: Wavy line

Your power month: July

Hmmm... I don't think this sounds like me but who knows? Maybe I've been suppressing the real me for years now.

Yep, it's my birthday. Woo hoo! Here's a surprise that came in the mail yesterday.

I ordered this last week and it came yesterday! A perfect day-before-my-birthday gift. It's super cute, and you can find it here it you want to order it.

But the real question is... did Rob come through with my birthday present?

Yay! He did! Of course, I think I've mentioned that I wanted one on the blog only a half-dozen times or so. And I did email him the link to the model I wanted. And I did bug him about 30 times in the last week. It's not that I didn't think he'd forget... um, ok, maybe I did.

This is a Janome Decor Excel 5124. I don't know what the name means but it seems to be a very solid, reliable machine that works well for beginners (me!). But the features I love the most are it's simple style and smart storage. Which are the most important parts of a sewing machine, right? (tee hee!)

The cover has a opening for the handle (which is on the sewing machine) to come through - no fasteners to worry about.

A removable storage big for bobbins, a screwdriver and other stuff.

My favorite part! All of the feet have their own little space to live in on the top. They look so happy!

I'm hoping to practice on it over the next couple of weeks and decipher its many knobs and buttons. I took a sewing class a couple of years ago but I think it's all left my brain... or is sewing like riding a bike?

Now the following belongs in the "What will they think of next?" category. Did you know that they make birthday cards from cats now? Right next to the "Birthday for Wife" and "Birthday for Nephew" cards.

Here's the card Maggie got me:

And here's the card Unki got me:

Thank you Rob! I love my present!


Angela said...

Happy Birthday! So cool you got your sewing machine! Maybe we can have some "sew-alongs" and decipher some of those Japanese patterns hee hee..

Diana said...

Haha, I love that card from Unki! That sewing machine is a major birthday score! The storage space built right in is genius. Hope you have a great day :-)

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday! I've been lusting after sewing machines for months now.

eastern white said...

aww, cat cards!! and you lucky girl with now owning a sewing machine!! i'm jealous. i hope you get much use out of it.

have a great birthday!

grumperina said...

Happy Birthday! The sewing machine looks like a true winner - enjoy :)

winnie said...

Happy birthday! Glad Rob came through for you. Can't wait to see the stuff you'll be churning out with that sewing machine.

Felicia from sweetgeorgia said...

Happy birthday!!! And congratulations on that beautiful, shiny new sewing machine!!!

goodkarma said...

Happy Birthday! We'll have to have a November birthdays club or something.

Rob really came through on the birthday present... what a great guy! :)

Monica said...

Happy Birthday! I can't wait to see you use that sewing machine!

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you are having a wonderful day.

yumi said...

Mari, Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Mari, happy birthday to you!!! I'm glad you got what you wished for.

Purly Whites said...

Aaawww, so sweet!

Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fabulous year!

Lolly said...

Hope you had a happy birthday! ;) Mine was the day before yours--November girls rock!

jacqueline said...

i hope you had a fantastic birthday!!

you present is divine...i so want one too!