Wednesday, October 12, 2005

No knitting, but lots of yarn

I've been sort of busy the past two weeks. Unfortunately, there's been little time for knitting. Here's what I've been doing.


Right now I'm both going to school for my teaching credential and student teaching at a nearby elementary school. I am so tired that sometimes I come home after a day with the kindergarteners and just collapse. At the same time, I'm finding it so much fun and rewarding to spend time with the students.


Rob and I went to two concerts in the past two weeks, Keane and Franz Ferdinand at the Greek Theater. Both concerts were great but I'm not used to staying up late so I was wiped out the next day. Luckily both concerts were on Friday nights or else I would have been a zombie for the rest of the week.

Other than reading enlightening tomes about sheltered instruction and Piaget, I haven't been reading much for pleasure. But my mom lent me a book called "Garlic and Sapphires" about a former New York Times food critic. It was the perfect escapist book for a night. I highly recommend it if you're into food and want a quick read.

Rob and I love going to movies, but we really try not to go unless it's a movie that we have have have to see on the big screen. We saw Constant Gardener a few weeks ago (loved it!) and Serenity last week (we're big Firefly fans). I've also been Tivoing some old movies to knit to (my favorite thing to watch while knitting). I loved Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (with Frederic March and Miriam Hopkins) which was pre-code so it's kind of racy at times and the transformation effects are very well done. I also liked The Lodger, with Merle Oberon. It's a take on the Jack the Ripper story, and it's not a very good movie, but I love the fact that the bad guy is so so so creepy and Merle Oberon just keeps saying, "What an interesting man..." Tee hee!

Um... none... moving on.


Lots of stash enhancement though!
I did a swap with Blossom and she sent me this beautiful Koigu Kersti yarn.

Can anyone say socks?

I've also bought some yarn from Felicia's sweet shop. Her yarn is so beautiful!

This sock yarn is called "Beach" and I love it so much because it's close to the colors of my alma mater.

Some wonderful handspun yarn called "Candy". So soft! I think I'm going to make a scarf and use the yarn for accent flowers.

More sock yarn! This is "Black Orchid". Pretty!

Some more handspun yarn - "Fondant". This is going to be a hat... but Unki wants it for himself (can you see his paws?).


yumi said...

Socks!!! You know what I would like for Christmas especially in the black orchid. I like Franz Ferdinand too. And I like the color of your alma mater yarn.

caitlyn said...

Oooh, what beautiful yarns!! The colors are absolutely fabulous.
Go Bruins! =)

Purly Whites said...

You are a lucky girl with all that fun yarn!

Angela said...

Another fellow Bruin! =)

Great yarns ya got there! Doesn't it make you want to knit knit knit?

Franz Ferdinand, lucky you!

goodkarma said...

Hi Unki! You sneaky little devil. I love all of your new yarns. I think Felicia's eye for color is amazing! Trust me, you think that your life is crazy and full now, but it will get better. I promise! :)

eastern white said...

looks like we'll be seeing some great socks from you soon!! love the handspun fondant yarn!!

Felicia from sweetgeorgia said...

Oh! How exciting to hear that you have plans for the handspun!!! Can't wait to see the hat and flowers!

It's so nice to hear that you are enjoying teaching! Our teachers went on strike here last Friday and they are thinking it might be 3 months until they go back to school!