Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My knitting bag runneth over!

This title is appropriate in so many ways for me. First of all, thank you, thank you, for all of your wonderful comments about my Union Square Market Pullover. Rob can tell you that I even though I was happy abou the sweater, I was still unsure about it. I think it was anticlimatic and I, as always, focused on the negative instead of the positive. I didn't mention this in my entry about the sweater because, well, I'm trying to be more positive. But after wearing it (so soft!) and reading all of your comments, I feel so much better about the sweater.

Secondly, it's been an emotional household here at marirob - mainly because of Katrina. I am a person who cries very easily so you can imagine how I was these past few days. Unki did not leave my side on Friday, when I was crying while watching TV and checking the internet. Such a sweet cat! But when I saw that knitters have donated over $65,000 at Margene and Susan's site - I "happy cried".

Finally, my knitting bag has literally "runneth over".

I haven't cleaned out my knitting bag since June. Let's see what's inside!

I started River for the knitalong. This is my first lace project so I went cheap for the yarn - Knitpicks Shadow in Vineyard - a whole $2.29. I've done 7 repeats of the pattern and I am really enjoying this project. I like the yarn too, it's very soft.

Yeah, yeah, I'm still working on Orangina... moving along...

And I'm still working on my dad's socks that will go to Rob.

Aha! A new project! This is the start of the Wear Everywhere Pullover from IK Spring 2005. But I think I'm going to frog it because I just have too many pink/purple things going on.

A pile of sock yarn from finished socks.

Yarn from other finished projects.

And a bunch of needles that need to find their way home.

I've cleaned up my bag and now it's only filled with ongoing projects. Because I've started school, I think I'm going to focus on smaller projects and maybe do one sweater before the holidays. We'll see if that even happens!


Diana said...

Whoa, all of that stuff was in your knitting bag! That's amazing. You definitely lean towards the pink/purple colors, but that's alright, we all have our color preferences. Nearly everything I knit is brown or green :-) Nice progress on River!

Purly Whites said...

That is a lot of stuff, but it all looks like fun stuff. And I don't think there is anything problematic about knitting in the same color family. Everything goes together!

eastern white said...

wow! a lot of yarn and projects! i do have quite a bit of left overs from various projects. maybe there should be a left over swap.

i know what you mean about colors... i have recently aquired a lot of red yarns. funny that red is not even my favorite color.

can't wait to see your finished orangina!

huay in LA said...

hey, i also spent a couple hours crying over a blog by those biloxi reporters...

i can totally relate, mari!

yumi said...

Anna would like your choice of colors.

wakana said...

you have lots of projects going on... i wanted to work on the "river" too!! but i can't, or i should not... because i even haven't started my Union Square Market Pullover... you are really fast at knitting!!

amber said...

I've been listening to the news on the radio during my commute and am amazed by how many mornings I break into tears listening to the awful things happening to the people on the gulf coast. So I totally feel your pain as someone with too much empathy for my own good.

And the elephant doll on my blog did come from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. They have a bear and a bunny too.

Agnes said...

Good things don't necessarily come expensive ... I've been meant to try out KnitPicks' lace yarns too. I love the colour you chose ... so rich!