Thursday, September 01, 2005

Koigu footies

I made one of these footies as per Alison's pattern, ankle down? I'm not sure what to call it. But the second one I made from Purly White's toe-up tutorial, which was so helpful and very thorough with lots of great pics. The main difference was the yarnover method of the short rows, backwards YOs versus standard YOs. I think I'm making my socks toe-up from now on. Can you tell the difference?

The one on the left has my sloppy kitchnering (can you see the green row?).

No kitchnering on the right!

By the way, these are my first Koigu socks for myself. I think knitting with Koigu is great, but wearing them is even better. So comfy!

Unki thinks toe up socks are mildly interesting.

Maggie can barely make the effort to open her eyes and say, "Nice job, mom."


robtk said...

Henry says "toe up is the way to go!"
Way to go Mari!

Purly Whites said...

I'm so glad you liked the toe-up method! Those socks look so comfy!

yumi said...

Your socks turned out good.

Laura said...

They look great! I have a question... I found Purly White's tutorial and I love it but now I have a toe to a sock and I am clueless on how to continue. I picked a nice stitch design for the top of the foot but Sadly I am a pattern knitter with no pattern. I have several inches from the toe but I am unsure how to do the gussets or heel. Some have said you can use that same technique on the heel but I haven't a clue. Any help would be greatly appreciated!