Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Being crafty, Japanese style

I am always interested to see Mariko's Japanese craft book purchases. I think they are so cute and filled with great projects. So this weekend we stopped by the Mitsuwa Marketplace in Torrace and I bought two books.

This book is called "Beautiful Silhoutte Skirts" and in my rusty Japanese, I read that these skirts are in a style called "cute-smart". Cute and smart at the same time? Sign me up!

This is just a sampling of the patterns included. There are 26 skirts pictured in the book, but can you believe that only a couple are repeats?

Each skirt has a page of schematics and directions. But the kicker is the pattern itself.

There's a huge foldout pattern with all of the skirts on it. So you have to be pretty good at deciphering which skirt goes with what lines.

The other book I bought was for household items.

I think I bought this book more for the fact that it was cute versus practical.

Tee hee! An elephant potholder!

The only problem is that I don't own a sewing machine and I can only sew a little. These are definitely books for someone who has a little experience sewing. But I'm hoping to get a sewing machine for my birthday. Then I'll spend my Christmas break practicing and then... who knows? Maybe some skirts and elephant potholders next year!


yumi said...

nice books. I think I know what I'll get you for your birthday and christmas. not a sewing machine but some fabric. (among other things)

erin said...

I like Japanese books too. Thanks for the preview, I'll be looking out for the skirt book at my local kinokuniya. The patterns look scary though :)

goodkarma said...

I definitely like the elephant potholders! I brought home an embroidered elephant tea cozy from India. It's so cool! :)

Angela said...

Too Cute! Love the skirts and the elephant potholder! I have some Japanese craft books and one knitting book. Love looking at them, but haven't even had the chance to decipher them. Would you happen to know if Marukai in Gardena has a good selection of craft books, too?

MinaG said...

Love the shawl! And the book and skirt patterns! If they seem doable I may have to borrow it!

eastern white said...

aww, those skirts are so cute!! i wish 1) i can read them and 2) i can sew. all things japanese are cute in the craft department!

i do wish to see the elephant potholders on your blog soon!!

robtk said...

sign your husband up for a cute and smart kilt!
please send me a directive with the specifications for the sewing machine, so I can get you a submittal for your approval prior to your b-day. do I need to submit 3 copies? (architect speak)

Purly Whites said...

What fun stuff! I especially like the slippers.

winnie said...

that elephant potholder is a must do!

mariko said...

Are you hooked now? Those books are great! I love all the skirt stuff.