Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Knitting Distractions

I try to focus on my ongoing projects, but I always seem to get distracted by new, more exciting projects. Last week I got burnt out on my Union Market Square Pullover, so I thought I'd knit some socks for my dad.

This is Lang Jawoll Sport in some manly colorway.

Halfway through this sock, I remembered that my dad has rather small feet (my father and I share the trait of "small extremities" - small hands, feet, and head). And these were turning out way too big. So guess who gets another pair of socks? This is the second time I've started socks for my dad and have decided to make them for Rob... maybe my dad is destined never to receive socks from me. I guess I could frog it, but it'll be more fun deciding on a new yarn for my dad!

Oh well, at least Unki likes them.

I also decided that I wanted some socks too!

Another sock in Alison's koigu footie pattern. I love, love this yarn. I did the short row heel and toe. Hey! I've become brave enough to do some kitchenering!

But I had to put both projects on hold to start my sleeves for my Union Market Square Pullover.

I started the sleeve as written but decided that the cuff was way too big for my small hands (small extremities, remember?). So I frogged it and then cast on 20 less stitches. I'm going to try to increase the sleeve to do the sleeve cap as written. But now I think it looks funny. I'm going to stick with it though and see how it turns out.

I start school this Friday (Yipes!) so I don't think I'll have much time to knit - but I didn't think I'd have time last semester and I finished plenty of projects.

Last week was Unki's first birthday. We completely forgot! He's actually become a bit more aggressive towards Maggie in the past week - I don't think he forgot his birthday. Here's some photos of his first day with us (we got him last October).

In his bed that's way too small for him now.

Asleep in Rob's lap.

Awww... too cute!

Happy Birthday Zimmer (his name when we got him) Poirot (his first name we came up with) Unki (his current name)!


goodkarma said...

I like your dad's/Rob's socks; that's a great versatile colorway. And the Koigu footies! Ah, so pretty!! Finally, I also like the colors you're using for Union Market. Yummy!

yumi said...

Are your socks the same color as the ones you gave me? (by the way, I love my socks!)

MinaG said...

Nice projects! And what a cutie baby Unki was!

eastern white said...

heh he... looks like unki wants some socks too!! what a cute name. what does it mean? i love your grey color kitties.

the socks for your dad (or husband) looks really nice. my dad has really small feet, too. so i just make him a pair that fits me.