Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Vacation, all I've ever wanted...

Tonight we're leaving for a 5 day trip to Seattle and Portland. Our location was chosen because Rob can't take too much time off and I get really bad jet lag. So for trips less than a week we try to only move a couple of time zones at most. But, of course, we want to see Seattle and Portland! I'm a city girl at heart.

The mostest hardest part of going on vacation is always the cats. If you couldn't tell, I love Maggie and Unki dearly. And I'm always torn between taking them to my parents' house down in Orange County or leaving them in our apartment and having a friend look in on them every couple of days. My mom really wanted them to stay with her so there they are!

There is always a big buildup before they go down there.

I gave Maggie a bath on Friday so she'd look pretty for Mama and Papa. But first she looks like a swamp monster. I usually give her a bath once or twice a year (I put on my bathing suit and get in the bathtub with her!) but it has to be warm enough for her to dry in a couple of hours so she doesn't catch cold. Besides the mournful meows, she handles her baths like a trooper. What I didn't expect was for Unki to freak out when she exited the bathroom. He backed up, got all puffy and made sad sounds. He was just circling her all day.

I guess he thought that something dreadful happened to her.

But over the weekend they were sitting pretty in their Pies.

This morning, Maggie could sense what was coming (isn't that weird how pets can do that?) and hid under the bed.

Unki? Well, he was being himself.

Unki cried the whole drive down but seem to settle down at my parents' house. Of course, right when he gets used to it, we'll take him home! Sigh... Maggie is very familiar with my parents' house and forced her way into my old bedroom.

I don't think we'll be posting again until next week. My plan was to figure out Blogger Mobile, but that never happened. Have a good week everyone!!!


MinaG said...

Cutest photo of Unki circling Maggie after her bath. Have a good trip!

Diana said...

Hope you have a good vacation! I must have said this like 12 times already, but your cats in their separate kitty pi beds are just the cutest thing ever :-)

eastern white said...

just want to let you know that you have a lovely blog and i LOVE your cats!

yumi said...

those cats are so funny!!!

huay in LA said...

hm. so have maggie and unki claimed their own pi beds? or do they switch? hope you're loving the north!