Friday, July 08, 2005

Thinking of London

I try not post about sad or disturbing events in my life or in the world, but I just wanted to mention the London bombings that occured yesterday. It seems that most of the bad news going on in the world I find out about on the internet. For 9/11, Rob was checking his email before we went to work and the news was on the msn homepage. The tsunami I was surfing the web and just happened upon it. I found out about yesterday's events in London when I was doing my regular rounds of my bloglines blogs and saw the keyboard biologist's post.

London is my favorite city in the world. I was so shocked and upset when I saw what had happened, especially after the joyous news earlier in the week that London would be hosting the Olympics in 2012. I hope none of you had any friends or family affected by the bombings. My heart goes out to everyone in London and in the UK.


MinaG said...

Thanks for this entry.

huay in LA said...

since i have no tv. and do not morning websurf, i usually find out by KCRW. (as on 9/11, i walked into the office early for a meeting with Sarita and heard the news blaring on the radio.)

so this time, i woke up to the news on my alarm and cried.