Monday, February 14, 2005

Phildar cardi finished!

I finished my Phil Ruban cardigan on Friday and test drove it on Saturday. It still needs a good blocking, but we managed to take some photos in an alley. (Yes, in an alley. We were rushed. The greenery looked nice.)

and the neckline:

(yeah, yeah, the tie was wonky. Oh well.)

The neckline was the mostest fun part of the cardigan. The sleeves are a little short, but manageable. This is probably the most wearable sweater I've made yet. Perfect for L.A. weather. No, wait, the neckline wasn't the most fun. Translating the pattern was the most fun! I love french patterns. I could figure out most of it without babelfish, and in the end I only really needed help from my friend Huay to figure out I should crochet the edges.

I'm currently working on a sweater for Rob! He is very pleased. I'm using the merino wool from Here's the start:

I'm a little worried because the yarn is SO soft. Will it not be ruggedly manly enough? Will Rob never wear it? BTW, the pattern is the zipped men's cardigan from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I love that book!

4 comments: said...

fantastic cardi. i'll have to knit that this year! looks great.

mina said...

love the cardi, a great gift idea for a sister (hee hee...)

huay in LA said...

you look fabulous!
and the sweater is a terrific color too!

must knit, must KNIT!

c'mon, you should say that you're in a spanish garden against a towering wall of box hedges...

becky said...

Wow! I love how your cardi came out, and how it looks on you. Simply gaw-geous. The color is very radiant; nice choice!