Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Blogging is hard

It's been hard to blog lately. Mainly because I just started school a couple of weeks ago (I'm getting my teaching credential) and I have gone from a knittin' lady o' leisure to student/knitter/kitten wrangler.

So here's a picture of my first day of school (don't I look thrilled?)

I'm currently knitting a cardigan from Phidar Ete 2004. I think all I do lately is copy fluffa's sweaters. Here a link to her version of the cardigan. If only I had her crazy knitting skills! BUT, mine will be in a different color! Cassis, a kind of purplely wine red. Very bright, very pretty.

After that? Maybe Salina? Maybe a sweater for Rob?

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Sarita said...

I am doing the same thing - back to school...ugh. I should be doing homework right now but instead I am knitting the Hourglass sweater. It is how I justify looking at blogs - I knit while pages load and while I read posts. Today I actually took to knitting a row, doing some schoolwork, knitting a row, washing the dishes, etc.

And...I feel like a copycat too! I keep seeing great things on blogs - for instance I am knitting this sweater in color #78 ( someone else....)