Sunday, December 26, 2004


So yesterday was x-mas, and although I was on the west coast and very much missed my east coast family, I was very happy to get to spend it with my new family as well. We headed down around 10am, to have a early meal and spend some time at Mari's very pregnant sister's home. I made some stuffed shells (receipt on the box of Barilla Jumbo Shells, very good). Mina asked me to take a few photos of her, Steve and Anna. Anna has become quite a big girl.

I was also very excited to go down and visit as Mina is about to give birth any day now, and Mari and I had come up with some ideas for baby gifts (look forward to Mari's knitted baby gifts, hopefully soon to be featured here). A side story to make the gifts make sense... Mina and Steve have yet to decide on a name for the new baby boy on its way. In an effort to make the birth a family event, they asked for name suggestions from 3-year-old Anna. The name she decided on was... drum roll please...

Sunshine Brown. I love this name, we all love this name. So in an effort to make it stick, I printed up a few custom baby onesies for new baby boy, Sunshine Brown. Or Sonny B if you prefer.

The stuffed cat is our beloved Unki, the center is a safety warning for new parents, and the last and most certainly not least, is my attempt at having Sunshine welcomed in as a new member of the family. I can't wait for this boy to have his first girl friend... "Oh, "insert name to surely be decided on soon" never told you his full name, why it is Sunshine Brown"

Included is a copy of the image files from the onesies...

The onesies were made with HP iron on transfers for color... I love these things. I think all my clothing will be covered in new kick ass transfers.

Well I am definitely starting to digress. Forgive me and Merry X-mas.


p.s. sk8board chronicals ahead

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mina said...

Sunshine will be the best dressed baby... you two should go into business - custom baby onesies and knit clothing!